Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Virtual Trade Shows - Huzzah!

Nice Meeting Your Avatar

Qualys is taking a step forward in trade show innovation by going the virtual route. There are a lot of advantages by leaving the show on the road and taking it to the Internet. One major advantage is the obvious savings in costs. For a physical trade show, renting a space and covering travel costs ten of thousands of dollars. A virtual trade show can be as low as $3,000. That is the reason why Qualys is eliminating their smaller shows and instead utilizing the Internet. Like most things, there is a catch.

A disadvantage of these virtual trade shows is the lack of face-to-face interaction. People value meeting each other in person because we are better able to understand the types of people we are dealing with. However, with video chat available, that may not be a reason why virtual trade shows are not big. Perhaps it is as simple as people not realizing they even exist.


I have never heard of such an idea and I absolutely love it. It saves time and money. Right now, these online trade shows are only effective replacing small shows; but I believe that they will catch on quick and bigger companies will begin testing the virtual trade show waters.

I had to do a trade show for my Introduction to Marketing class and I would have loved to had the opportunity to possibly do it online. I will introduces this possibility to some of my marketing professors to see if it is an idea they would like to run with.
"Nice Meeting Your Avatar" by April Joyner - Inc. 5/1/2009


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